Sandalwood Beard Comb w/ Travel Case

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Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb With Travel Case


Includes Travel Case: This synthetic leather case offers superior protection during any travels or voyage. This pocket-sized comb is ideal for EDC (Every Day Carry) fans.
Fine and Coarse Teeth: The dual sized teeth work in tandem to style all types of hair, whether it's short, long, thin, thick, straight or curly.

Anti-Static Electricity: Unlike typical plastic or steel combs that cause clingy static electricity, this solid and smooth wood comb is an easy way to avoid that morning anger!
Natural: The comb is crafted tenderly out of 100% natural sandalwood that leaves your beard and moustache looking great.

Detangles Any Snag - If your head and beard hair is susceptible to snags and knots, wood comb is the tool you've been needing. As and added plus, this comb works to brush the dandruff away from your skin and beard so you can showcase your beard in the way it deserves.