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Danger Close

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Do you have areas on your body that have been over run by unwanted stubble and hair? 

Get your 9 Line Brief ready for a Danger Close Razor Run that will leave you looking and feeling like the "Smooth Operator" that you are.

Dash One of this dynamic duo is our Target Softening Pre Shave Oil. Dash One's ordinance is a powerful combination of

Castor Oil- is an oil extracted from the Ricinus Communis plant.  Castor is a thicker oil and has been popular for centuries for it's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  The high amount of fatty acids in castor oil make it an excellent skin moisturizer and why it is perfect for pre shave oil.

Avocado oil- is derived from the Avocado tree and it is also known as a moisturizing oil.  Actually this oil is considered as one of the best moisturizers and also why you can find it in some of the most expensive cosmetic products.  It has monounsaturated fatty acids and presence of Vitamin E.  This oil leaves your skin soft, smooth, helps prevent inflammation, and also soothes your skin if irritated

JoJoba Oil- Closely resembles the human Sebum, which is a naturally produced oil from our skin.  This oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and moisturization properties and is also a very shelf stable oil which makes it a great addition to pre shave oils.

Apricot Oil- Is extracted from the seeds (Kernels) of the Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca).  It is full of natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C.  Some oils remain on the surface of your skin, but Apricot oil is absorbed easily leaving skin soft and smooth.  It is especially beneficial to those with dry or itchy skin.

Vitamin E- is an anti oxidant and essential for healthy skin. 

and a synergetic blend of essential oils.

Danger Close Pre Shave Oil easily penetrates the skin locking in moisture. This make your skin pliable, supple and softens hair growth at the follicle. Allowing you a clean comfortable close shave, while minimizing cuts, nicks or irritation.

After your shave Dash Two of Danger Close is our After Action Post Shave Balm. Danger Close After Action Post Shave Balm is loaded down with a payload of wonderful face food like

Coconut Oil,

Shea Butter,

JoJoba Oil,is also highly beneficial as an after shave balm, it soothes and conditions the skin, leaving it soft and smooth, but not oily or greasy

Tamanu Oil,


Vitamin E- is an anti oxidant and essential for healthy skin.

and a synergetic blend of essential oils.

This After shave Balm will help cool, sooth and calm your skin, help prevent infections, razor bumps and provide a protective barrier to your skin.

Danger Close is just like Snake and Nape. A little does a lot and it smells just like VICTORY.

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