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Want to rock a Majestic Man Mane?

Want to rock a Majestic Man Mane?

Do you want to rock a beard that looks manly, rugged and groomed? A beard that exudes the confidence of Chuck Norris, attracts and appeals to women, like a box of unsupervised Twinkies does to a fat kid?

 A Majestic ManMane that appears to have its own eco-system and a hobby of collecting attention and phone numbers from random women in the wild as you casually and confidently navigate your day. I’m not talking about growing a scraggly unattended mess of hair on your face that looks like a stray dog with mange that’s looking for its next meal in a trashcan. Hell any caveman can do that, as well as some women, like my aunt Claire for example.

 There are many things to take into account when it comes to growing and sporting a great beard.

Some of those things are out of your control like genetics. So let focus on one of the things you can control, how you take care of and maintain your beard and the skin underneath. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to grow a beard or if your beard is a seasoned veteran with multiple deployments under its belt, one of the main ingredients to sporting a Face Sweater that looks and smells delicious to women is a premium quality Beard Oil.

Having a beard and not using a premium quality beard oil is like not having a beard at all. It’s just wrong.

 First off, if you have a Man Mane, then beard oil is a must. A premium quality beard oil will moisturize your beard and the skin beneath. It will hydrate the skin and help soften and tame your beard at the follicle level. It can even help as a styling agent. A great Alpha Male Man Mane should look healthy, shiny, rugged and groomed. Not dusty, flaky and shaggy.

 Wait… Won’t using beard oil make me a hipster?

No. If you’re a hipster, it’s because you are a Beta Male and there is no snake oil in the world that can transform your little lip sweater into a savage women slaying beard. However not using a premium quality beard oil on your face badger, will prove to the world that you are just another Beardtard.

When choosing a beard oil don't just grab the first one you see and start using it. Select a premium quality beard oil that doesn't contain cheap carrier oils that can go rancid or that list ingredients like FRAGRANCE OIL or Alcohol that can be harmful or damaging to your Face Foliage.

 All of our TRB EDC Beard Oils are handcrafted using a Rock Star line up of premium all-natural carrier oils. This line up includes JoJoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil and Grape Seed Oil.   These oils are great for your beard, hair and skin and they are very capable of pulling triple duty as beard, hair or body oil.

All of our Beard Oil Blends are truly All Natural and Do Not contain any Fragrance Oils. Our premium Beard Oils are scented with one of our own signature, in house created synergetic recipes using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and are made in small batches so you can rest assured that it has not been on a shelf in a warehouse for who knows how long. 

 The only complaint we have had about our all-natural premium beard oil, is that the ladies Love It. In fact they love it so much that they tend to acquire it to use it as a pre-shave and all body oil. That means you better order a little extra. You’ve been warned.  

Click the link below to view all of our All Natural Premium Beard Oils and use the discount code “ManMane” at check out for 15% off your TRB EDC Beard Oil order of $20.00 or more before shipping.


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