Stop Lying to yourself!!!!

Stop Lying to yourself!!!!


I am tired of seeing people lie to themselves. They make and allow stupid excuses to keep them from reaching their goal(s) or potential. They lie to themselves and then start to believe the lie to a point that it impacts their life in a caustic and negative way. You want to know what’s really crazy about it? For many it's the same lie. And that lie is this “I would (Insert Goal Here), but I don’t like or I am afraid of change .” This lie keeps them from achieving or accomplishing whatever goal(s) they may have. Worse yet, this lie will keep many from ever allowing themselves the opportunity to take a risk and the chance to fail.


The truth is that change is good, if it’s positive. In fact you should search for areas in your life that change will have a positive impact and make those changes. This type of positive change promotes growth in you and those around you. The reason many of us resist change is not a fear of change, but rather the fear of failure that comes with making changes and taking risks. Don’t believe me? Check this out. Go back and read the last sentence of the first paragraph again.


Did you notice something about that last sentence when you read it? Go back and read it again. I imagine for many the sentence starts out like this "Worse yet, this lie will keep many from ever allowing themselves the opportunity to take a risk and the chance…” If you are like me, at this point you are saying something like “Allow?!?!?! Who the hell are you talking to? Take a Risk? Sh*t I'm a Risk Taker if ever there was one. Get the hell out of my way. I’m not letting a lie keep me from reaching my goal!!” And you are all about making sh*t happen. See, positive change doesn’t scare or bother you. Positive change actually does the opposite. It motivates you to exercise self-discipline and do what is required to achieve your goal.

Then you see those last two words “… to FAIL.” And it hits you. The realization that you could in fact fail and you allow your fear of failure to kill your enthusiasm, motivation and ultimately your drive and pursuit of your goal. Sometimes this happens right away and other times its a slow fade.

I would also like to point out that if there is not a risk of failure attached to your goal that causes you concern (Notice I didn’t say FEAR), You are either

1. Only going for low hanging fruit that any asshat can grab.


2. You don’t have a goal. You just have something that your lazy ass should be doing anyway.

If you fall into the first category then you need to get out of your comfort zone, take risk and demand more of yourself. If you are in the second category get off your lazy ass, exercise some self-discipline and do whatever it is that you should be doing.

 Why are you afraid of failure?

Believe me, I get it. Failure sucks. Failure hurts. Failure is not something we set out to achieve. However, it is also true that failure can be a tool that can challenge, teach and instruct you. Failure can educate and build you. Failure can forge, shape and make you harder to kill. Instead of fearing failure, study it. Study why you failed and figure out what you must change in order to succeed in that area. If you do that and don’t quit or give up then you will succeed.

I realize that there are some people that operate on and out of fear. I get it, if you Fear Mongers want or need something to fear, then fear quitting or giving up.



With the RIGHT attitude trials in life will make you BETTER. With the WRONG attitude they will make you BITTER. 

The choice is yours. CHOOSE LIFE.



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